Monday, February 6, 2012

It's always fun when Gigi comes

This was a very long time ago but I came across the pictures today and remembered that I never wrote this down.  Back in December my mom came down for a quick visit.  She arrived in the early afternoon so we decided the next day we would spend the whole day at, drum roll please...Disneyland (I know its so shocking).  Although we go to Disneyland all the time, its always fun to go with different people and my mom has been talking about how badly she wanted to go with the girls since we moved here.  We had the absolute best day!  We mapped out our "schedule" before we went to optimize our time (yes we are a little insane) and it payed off! We rode pretty much every single ride and some we rode twice and it was a pretty crowded day too.  Andrew got off work around 4 and met us at the park and it started raining pretty hard which was nice because it thinned the crowds.  Once Andrew got there we took turns watching the kids and going on the big rides which we did for another couple of hours.  By the time we left we were so exhausted and a little cold, which is the sign of a good day at Disneyland.  It was a blast.

Joie is going through an interesting little phase right now where she cannot smile normal for pictures.  It normally comes out looking like this.

Yes my daughter pretty much always wears a costume to Disneyland

Isn't my mom a total babe??  Sorry this is not the most interesting post ever but it was such a fun day and I wanted to make sure I wrote it down while it was still (relatively) fresh in my mind.

Coming soon.  Berkeley's first birthday post

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  1. Bahahahaha! Joie's "smile" cracks me up!!! I agree -- Disneyland is more fun with other people. :)