Sunday, November 6, 2011

Apple Pie

While we were in Vegas my mom decided to make a couple Cranberry Apple pies and she asked Joie if she wanted to help.  I remember so vividly when I was younger that any time my mom was using apples for cooking she would always get out the apple peeler and let me peel the apples for her.  I thought it was so much fun and I would eat all the long strands of apple peel.  Joie obviously loved it as much as I did!

Halloween 2011

The weekend before Halloween Andrew had to work on Saturday and Sunday. I decided it was a perfect time to go visit my parents with the girls.  Since Andrew had already seen them all dressed up when we went to Mickey's Halloween Party I decided it would be fun to stay in Vegas for Halloween so Gi Gi could go trick or treating with us.  We had a total blast!  Even though Joie had fun trick or treating last year she liked it even more this year.  After she would get her treat at the door she would say "thank you" and run down the drive way screaming "LETS GO TO THE NEXT HOUSE!"

Joie decided months ago that she wanted to be Cinderella for Halloween.  She also decided Berkeley needed to be Belle so they could "all be princesses"

Trick of Treating at my parents house where "Uncle Ben" was handing out candy.  She saw his mask and said "Ben take it off.  It's a little bit scary".

We had so much fun and got way too much candy!  By the last 5 houses or so Joie asked me to carry her bucket for her because it was too heavy.  That thing was over flowing with candy.  Joie is already planning all of our costumes for next year!