Saturday, March 31, 2012


I have had a blogging absences.  I recently had a series of epiphanies and made a decision to take a break for Blogs and Facebook to focus more on being the Mother and person I want to be.  I was realizing I complained a lot about not finding enough time to do things I wanted to but somehow I always found time to get on the computer.  It was time for a change!  Things have been really great around here and I want to keep up on my blog because I love being able to go document things we do and go back and read them later and turn them into blog books ( and I know Jordan Kearney likes reading it).  More posts coming soon!

Berkeley turns 1

I started this posts over 2 months ago on Berkeley's birthday.  Woops!

Oh how on earth did this happen??  How did my baby turn 1?  Why do moms feel a huge rush of emotion every time their babies have another birthday?  I remember when Joie turned 1 I thought she was SO big.  I know every mom is guilty of this with their first but I remember thinking (and saying) that Joie was a "toddler".  I thought she was so big.  When I look at my little Berkeley I still see a teeny little baby.  Poor thing will probably never walk because I basically hold her all day every day.

We had so much fun celebrating Berkeley's birthday.  My parents were in town for vacation and were spending 4 days at Disneyland and one of those days was Berkeley's birthday.  So that morning we packed up and headed to the parks!  It was down pouring.  We got there and wrapped the stroller in plastic ponchos and we went to "city hall" to get a "It's my birthday" button for Berkeley to wear that day.  We than walked across the street to get her some Mickey ears with her name embroidered on the back.  By the time we had finished these two things Andrew and I were both drenched from head to toe and both of us were starting to get a little frustrated.  We took a deep breath and decided we were going to have the best day ever, despite being soaked to the bone, and give our baby the best first birthday...and that is exactly what we did.  It ended up being the absolute best day.  After the first couple of hours the rain stopped for the rest of the day but it stayed gloomy so the crowds stayed away!  There was no wait on any line all day long.  It was so much fun.  We wrapped ourselves up in ponchos and rode the rafting ride and splash mountain about 5 times each because there was literally no one in line.  We didn't even get off the rides, we just kept riding over and over.  Around lunch time we headed up to my parents hotel room (which was conveniently located in California Adventure) to have cake and presents.  We had so much fun and we were so happy to celebrate it with family.

Since we had her cake at the park we didnt let her dig into it because it makes such a huge mess and we didn't want her to ruin her cute birthday outfit.  So we let her have a cake later at home.  She is a big eater but she doesn't really like getting messy so she just stuck her face right in it!  I just love this little girl.

Oh my little Berkeley girl.  You are so very sweet.  That is probably the first word that always comes to our mind when we think of you.  You are so calm and content.  You give your smiles and giggles away so easily to every one you know.  You've become a little anxious recently around people you don't know and you get clingy but as soon as you've been around them for about 10 minutes you warm up.  You have a very hearty appetite and you aren't very picky.  You're teeth are very very slowly coming in.  You have 2 on the bottom and 2 on top.  Between not having very many teeth and being on the short side people always think you are younger than you are!  Your talking skills are growing by leaps and bounds.  You can make animals sounds for Dog, Cat, Bird, Aligator, Tiger, Fish, Cow, Owl, and a few others.  You say Mommy, Daddy, Doie (for Joie), Ben, please, more, thank you, honey (we may watch too much Winnie the Pooh), Pooh, Eeyore, Pop Pops, Didi (gigi), num num, tooie (pacifier), and many others but our absolute least favorite is "No No" which you mostly say to Joie when she tries to take away your things.  You also LOVE to sing.  You sing the tunes to songs you know all the time and you do such a good job.  A lot of the time people will come up to me and say "It sounds like she is singing Little Mermaid" and its because you are!  You love music so much.  You still just adore Joie.  You guys have become little best friends and you just love playing together and being silly constantly. I love you so much Berkeley.  You are just a beam of light in my life and I feel SO privileged to be your mother (and I know your daddy feels the same way). My heart loves you more and more every day.  You are perfect!