Saturday, July 24, 2010

Joie and Blossom

So the other day my friend Whitney came over to hang out for an afternoon and she brought her adorable doggy Blossom.  As many of you may know Joie loves dogs, but she was a little too excited to play with Blossom.  This was Joie and Blossom after they had been playing for about an hour.  The squealing was much more intense about 30 minutes prior to this video.  Don't worry, Blossom wasn't hurt, I think she was having as much fun as Joie was. 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Family Vacation!

Well sorry that we have been MIA the past couple of weeks.  We were out of town having WAY too much fun to blog.

We started the trip off by staying just one night in Las Vegas with my parents and my brother Ben and sister Tali.  They were they on a house hunting trip because they are moving there next month and we are SO excited!  Joie is OBSESSED with Aunt Tali and would copy everything she did for was too cute!

We went from Las Vegas to my grandparents house on the colorado river.  It is right on the border of California and Arizona and it was SO hot but the water was cool and refreshing and AMAZING.

Andrew left from the river to go back to Provo because he had school and work so I went back to my grandparent other house in Irvine.  We had such a blast.  My grandparents have 6 turtles and 2 dogs so Joie was in heaven and my cousin Ashley is living with my grandparents this summer and she is one of my best friends so we had SO much fun!!

We had so much fun in Irvine...Joie was so excited to ride the Carousel, she basically begged me.  So we got on and as soon as I tried to put her on the horse she freaked out.

So we just rode on the little bench instead...she still thought it was pretty fun.

Joie was quite terrified of the turtles for the first few days but she warmed up to them and asked to play with them pretty much all the time for the last few days we were there.

Joie was having a lot of fun playing with Grandpa and the dogs Sophie and Tyson.  Every time she found herself in the kitchen without supervision she would go to the pantry and get doggy treats so she could hand feed the was pretty cute and sneaky!

We had a very fun trip but we are VERY excited to be home!!