Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday finally came!

I must say today was very needed. Andrew and I both started school this week and things have been crazy. We woke up this morning and decided it would be fun to go hike the Y. We went to the store and bought one of those baby carries than you wear like a backpack for Joie, packed up some water bottles, and away we went. Joie absolutely hated her carrier so we didn't bring it and Andy just carried her on his shoulders the entire time. She had so much fun! She would get so excited when she would spot a lizard or a big grasshopper. By the time we got to the top and came back down she was exhausted and immediately fell asleep. It makes me wonder what kinds of things she will like when she gets older. We were talking about it today and we really want to expose our kids to a little bit of everything in a positive way so that they can form their own opinions and their own likes and dislikes.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I know this may seem silly to many, but I must express my feeling of mass excitement! Today my little girl said MAMA for the first time! She has been saying DADA since she was like 5 months old and I have been feeling a little left out! I was so excited I spent about 45 minutes trying to get her to say it again, but she wasn't having that! I know this sounds silly but I'm going back to school on Monday and I just felt sick to my stomach about leaving her, even though I knew she would be in the very capable hands of Daddy and hearing her say MAMA today seemed to magically soothe my nerves! Thanks Joie!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Long live the Brotherhood

Today we had a fun Brotherhood gathering. The Carters were in town for a week or so, so we got together for an afternoon hamburger BBQ. Don't let the downpours fool you, no amount of rain could dampen this groups spirits. We did all the usual Brotherhood activities, as you can see, including just wouldn't be a b-hood get together without it. We also did something new. All of the boys have been asking who Joie's Godfather is (because we have Godparents in our religion and all). We decided it would be cute to give Joie a brotherhood Godfather since they really are as close as family. We wrote up a really funny Godfather contract (including donations to Joie's college fund and approval of Joie's future spouse) and put everyones name in a hat and chose by process of elimination. We drew one name at a time and the last name in the hat would be the Godfather and the second to last name would be the runner-up in case the Godfather could not be there for some reason or another. Matt Reynolds was chosen as the Godfather, which makes Brianna Reynolds her Godmother. Craig Swindlehurst is the runner-up Godfather which will make his future wife Godmother runner-up whenever they get married. I know its silly but thats just how we roll....we really are closer than family. I want to move so badly whenever Andrew graduates but it will be so hard to leave such amazing friends. Love you guys!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

dance dance

Joie has become a dancing machine. When music comes on she cant even control herself...she just has to dance. It is so funny. She stands right in front of the TV and just bends her knees and bounces up and down and sticks out one of her arms and waves it up and down. It is so cute and so funny! Oh I just cant get enough of her!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

auntie courtney

Well I am going to be a real auntie for the first time. I mean, I totally consider myself an aunt of 9 on Andrew's side of the family, but it just isn't the same! My awesome older brother and his adorable wife are having a baby girl in about 2 months and I am so excited! Her name is going to be Vivien and I'm sure if she looks anything like Jared or Liz she will be sooooooo pretty! We just cannot wait to meet her!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Joie Lowie's first swim

Joie went swimming for the first time today. Although the pictures may not show it, she had a blast! She was just kicking her legs and splashing the water with her hands and laughing so hard! I just cannot believe how big she is getting. She will be 9 months next weeks and there are days I still don't feel like a mom. Although, I do finally understand what my mom tried to tell me my whole life. Even though we are so poor and our schedules are so crazy and hectic, I have never had so much fun. I never thought the highlight of my day would be sitting in the front yard on one of those cheap camping lawn chairs and talking to Andrew because the baby finally went to bed, or how excited I got because Joie learned to dance. I just want to spend everyday enjoy each moment because it really does just go by way too fast.