Sunday, February 27, 2011

First Vegas trip of 2011

Well I worked up a little courage and decided to fly alone to Las Vegas with both children.  They were both ANGELS and we had so much fun.  It wasn't super warm while we were there but it was still way warmer then Utah so we were pretty pleased!

If any of you are ever in Vegas with your kids and you want something fun to do go to the Secret Garden at the Mirage.  They have Lions and Tigers that were so awake and got so close to you from the exhibit and they had the coolest Dolphin exhibit.  There were hardly any crowds and we got so ridiculously close to all the animals.  I have never been to any zoo or aquarium where you could get so close to the animals and the animals were so active!  It was incredible and needless to say Joie thought it was amazing.  As you can tell from the picture it was basically the brightest day in history.

While we were gone this little girl also turned one month old!

as you can see she is starting to get super chunky!  She has started smiling a lot and I will post some pictures of that soon!

She also got to meet her Great Grandma for the first time.  Isn't my Grandma a total babe?  She looks WAY too  young to have great grandchildren but she has 3 now!

We had so much fun but we are very very happy to be home with Daddy again!

Monday, February 14, 2011

True Love

In honor of Valentines day I just want all of us to remember the One who taught us HOW to love. On this day where we celebrate love, let us spend sometime thinking about Jesus Christ and how he is the One who taught us how to love one another. A friend of mine shared this video on her Facebook today and I thought it was the perfect message to share with everyone on valentines day! Love you guys!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

One fortnight

This little girl is 2 weeks old today!

This little girl is pretty much the cutest big sister in the world

I took out one of her big totes full of toys for her to play with the other day and she found the hat, the purse, and the shoes and that was all she wanted to play with.  She is 100% girl.

Life has pretty much gone back to normal since the baby came.  Which means Andrew is gone at school and work for most of the day everyday and my girls and I just get to play.  I was so nervous that life was going to be so stressful and overwhelming and hard with two kids that I wouldn't even enjoy it but it has been AWESOME.  We definitely keep very busy but we are seriously having a blast!!

Don't mind that I'm in my robe...I just LOVE this little girl so much!